Struct ecs_event_desc_t


#include <include/flecs.h>

typedef struct ecs_event_desc_t


No description yet.


Lines 3515-3551 in include/flecs.h.

typedef struct ecs_event_desc_t {
    /* The event id. Only triggers for the specified event will be notified */
    ecs_entity_t event;

    /* Component ids. Only triggers with a matching component id will be 
     * notified. Observers are guaranteed to get notified once, even if they
     * match more than one id. */
    const ecs_type_t *ids;

    /* The table for which to notify. */
    ecs_table_t *table;

    /* Optional 2nd table to notify. This can be used to communicate the
     * previous or next table, in case an entity is moved between tables. */
    ecs_table_t *other_table;

    /* Limit notified entities to ones starting from offset (row) in table */
    int32_t offset;

    /* Limit number of notified entities to count. offset+count must be less
     * than the total number of entities in the table. If left to 0, it will be
     * automatically determined by doing ecs_table_count(table) - offset. */
    int32_t count;

    /* Optional context. Assigned to iter param member */
    const void *param;

    /* Observable (usually the world) */
    ecs_poly_t *observable;

    /* Table events apply to tables, not the entities in the table. When
     * enabled, (up)set triggers are not notified. */
    bool table_event;

    /* When set, events will only be propagated by traversing the relationship */
    ecs_entity_t relationship;
} ecs_event_desc_t;