Function ecs_iter_set_var


#include <include/flecs.h>

FLECS_API void ecs_iter_set_var(ecs_iter_t *it, int32_t var_id, ecs_entity_t entity)


Set value for iterator variable. This constrains the iterator to return only results for which the variable equals the specified value. The default value for all variables is EcsWildcard, which means the variable can assume any value.


// Rule that matches (Eats, *) ecs_rule_t *r = ecs_rule_init(world, &(ecs_filter_desc_t){ .terms = { { = Eats, = "_Food" } } });

int food_var = ecs_rule_find_var(r, "Food");

// Set Food to Apples, so we're only matching (Eats, Apples) ecs_iter_t it = ecs_rule_iter(world, r); ecs_iter_set_var(&it, food_var, Apples);

while (ecs_rule_next(&it)) { for (int i = 0; i < it.count; i ++) { // iterate as usual } }

The variable must be initialized after creating the iterator and before the first call to next.


it - The iterator.

var_id - The variable index.

entity - The entity variable value.

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Line 3765 in include/flecs.h.