Function ecs_new_low_id


#include <include/flecs.h>

FLECS_API ecs_entity_t ecs_new_low_id(ecs_world_t *world)


Create new low id. This operation returns a new low id. Entity ids start after the ECS_HI_COMPONENT_ID constant. This reserves a range of low ids for things like components, and allows parts of the code to optimize operations.

Note that ECS_HI_COMPONENT_ID does not represent the maximum number of components that can be created, only the maximum number of components that can take advantage of these optimizations.

This operation is guaranteed to return an empty entity as it does not use values set by ecs_set_scope or ecs_set_with.

This operation does not recycle ids.


world - The world.

The new component id.


Line 1574 in include/flecs.h.