Struct ecs_term_id_t


#include <include/flecs.h>

typedef struct ecs_term_id_t


Type that describes a single identifier in a term


Lines 485-504 in include/flecs.h.

typedef struct ecs_term_id_t {
    ecs_entity_t id;            /* Entity id. If left to 0 and flags does not 
                                 * specify whether id is an entity or a variable
                                 * the id will be initialized to EcsThis. 
                                 * To explicitly set the id to 0, leave the id
                                 * member to 0 and set EcsIsEntity in flags. */

    char *name;                 /* Name. This can be either the variable name
                                 * (when the EcsIsVariable flag is set) or an
                                 * entity name. Entity names are used to 
                                 * initialize the id member during term 
                                 * finalization and will be freed when term.move
                                 * is set to true. */

    ecs_entity_t trav;          /* Relationship to traverse when looking for the
                                 * component. The relationship must have
                                 * the Acyclic property. Default is IsA. */

    ecs_flags32_t flags;        /* Term flags */
} ecs_term_id_t;