Struct ecs_term_t


#include <include/flecs.h>

struct ecs_term_t


Type that describes a term (single element in a query)

A term is a single element in a query

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Lines 456-475 in include/flecs.h.

struct ecs_term_t {
    ecs_id_t id;                /* Component id to be matched by term. Can be
                                 * set directly, or will be populated from the
                                 * first/second members, which provide more
                                 * flexibility. */

    ecs_term_id_t src;          /* Source of term */
    ecs_term_id_t first;        /* Component or first element of pair */
    ecs_term_id_t second;       /* Second element of pair */

    ecs_inout_kind_t inout;     /* Access to contents matched by term */
    ecs_oper_kind_t oper;       /* Operator of term */

    ecs_id_t id_flags;          /* Id flags of term id */
    char *name;                 /* Name of term */

    int32_t field_index;        /* Index of field for term in iterator */

    bool move;                  /* Used by internals */