Struct ecs_term_t


#include <include/flecs.h>

typedef struct ecs_term_t


Type that describes a single column in the system signature

Mentioned in


Lines 244-263 in include/flecs.h.

typedef struct ecs_term_t {
    ecs_id_t id;                /* Can be used instead of pred, args and role to
                                 * set component/pair id. If not set, it will be 
                                 * computed from predicate, object. If set, the
                                 * subject cannot be set, or be set to This. */

    ecs_inout_kind_t inout;     /* Access to contents matched with term */
    ecs_term_id_t pred;         /* Predicate of term */
    ecs_term_id_t args[2];      /* Subject (0), object (1) of term */
    ecs_oper_kind_t oper;       /* Operator of term */
    ecs_id_t role;              /* Role of term */
    char *name;                 /* Name of term */

    int32_t index;              /* Computed term index in filter which takes 
                                 * into account folded OR terms */

    bool move;                  /* When true, this signals to ecs_term_copy that
                                 * the resources held by this term may be moved
                                 * into the destination term. */
} ecs_term_t;